Provital successfully tapped into the Tocotrienol market in China

Provital has turned a new page of their business by exporting their very first batch of Provital T3 Formula to China.


With the strong growth in demand for high quality natural health supplement in China, Provital T3 Formula and Essence of Yunzhi PSP, which have been tested for years in major Universities worldwide, become the obvious choice for the consumers in China.


By producing all their health supplements only in GMP-certified facilities and complying with all the strict TGA guidelines on production procedure and quality control, Provital’s health supplement products tick all the boxes for winning the trust of consumers and distributors in China.


Eddie Yuen, Director of Provital, is pleased to see the growth on their export business.


“It is obvious that China has a strong demand on Australia natural health products. Thanks to the Australia TGA’s strict regulation, Australia health supplements are consider to be the most-trusted source in the world. The middle class in China are becoming more conscious on their health and turning their focus on natural health supplement for improving every aspect of their health. They see health supplement consumption as a key solution for battling the air pollution and food safety problem.”


“The strong grow in the demand of our products means that more resources will be put into developing new and improved products for our customers”.


Provital is one of the first Australian company to introduce Essence of Yunzhi PSP and Tocotrienols into Australia. They are committed to delivering the highest quality natural health supplements to the customer locally and internationally.


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