Dr Patrick Ling has joined the Provital Team

Provital is pleased to announce that Dr Patrick Ling has joined as their new Senior Scientific Consultant. With Patricks’ near 20 years of life science research experience, particularly on the identification and validation of natural food supplement as effective remedy against chronic diseases such as cancers and metabolic syndrome, his new role will further strengthen Provital’s research and development capability. This recruitment also highlighted Provital’s strong commitment in continuously improving the effectiveness of our existing products through the development and testing of new formulations.


Dr Patrick Ling is delighted to join the Provital.


“After the discovery of Tocotrienol and PSP, I have spent the last 3 years searching for compounds that can surpass, or at least match the anti-cancer effect of these two compounds. It is now clear to me that I have already found two of the most effective anti-cancer compounds currently available, with one being so effective in boosting our own immune system, while the other targeting not only the cancer stem cells, but also improving other conditions such as high cholesterol or neurodegeneration. It feels natural for me to join Provital to work directly on improving the effect of these products and also help bringing them to the customer in need.”


Dr Ling will lead the Research and Development team at Provital for new product development. He will also be available to address any enquiries in regards to the research and health benefit of our products.


“Getting firsthand experience from the customer will help us to improve our product development. It will also benefit our customer in regards to their product knowledge. Our customers are most welcome to call or email me anytime if they have any question.”


Dr Ling and the Provital team is working around the clock on its next generation T3 Formula project. The Provital next generation T3 product is a clinically-proven formula which enhances the human absorption of Tocotrienol by up to 300%. It is expected to be in the production stage on April 2017.


For More information about Provital and its product range, please visit the company web site www.provital.com.hk