T3 Ultrabsorb Formula is now available at the selected Priceline Pharmacy

Provital is pleased to announce that their T3 Ultrabsorb Formula product is now available at the selected Priceline Pharmacy.


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Tocotrienols is one of the hottest topic in scientific research field since the early 90s. Multiple hundreds of research articles have been published globally on a series of influential scientific research journals. Tocotrienol has been the subject of a number of large scale clinical trials with overwhelming successes. It is well known that Tocotrienols can deliver benefits in the area of skin health, anti-aging, liver health, heart health, brain health, muscle recovery, and immune system.


Provital is one of the first Australian company to bring Tocotrienols to Australia. Their T3 Ultrabsorb Formula is complied with the Australia TGA standard and manufactured under a GMP facility. Provital is committed to delivering the highest quality natural health supplements to the customer locally and internationally. For further details, please visit www.provital.com.hk