Provital is officially presenting two labels “ProEssence” and “Petglee”. Also presenting their very first pet’s health supplement: ‘Petglee Yunzhi PSP for dogs’

Provital has released its TGA listed Yunzhi PSP (Turkey Tail Mushroom extract) since 2010. It is the leading turkey tail mushroom extract product in the Australia market. The Australia Prostate Cancer Research Centre Queensland has been using Provital’s Yunzhi PSP for prostate cancer research since 2009. Two encouraging result have been published at the major scientific international journal including the Plos One in 2010, and the BMC Journal in 2012. The Australian main stream media ABC News, and the Channel 10 news have covered the story.

On 2012, a world leading veterinary research team from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine confirmed that dogs with hemangiosarcoma can live for more than a year while consuming Turkey Tail Mushroom extract (Yunzhi PSP), which is the longest time ever reported for a dog with this type of cancer (Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, volume 2012, Article ID 384301). Since then, there are more and more Australian dog’s cancer client enquire the Provital’s Yunzhi PSP. And now more Australian Vet refer their client to the Provital for its Yunzhi PSP product.

As of the result, in this 2018, Provital is excited to present its brand new pets label, the “Petglee”, to release their very first Yunzhi PSP product for dogs. To ensure to provide the highest quality health supplement to the Australian dogs, the Yunzhi PSP is carefully extracted from the organically grown turkey tail mushrooms in the USA, and packed by a Pet Food Industry Association of Australia (PFIAA) member.

Ms Grace Tang, Director of Petglee, is excited to see this new pets product.

“Since years ago, we have been continuously receiving feedback from the Vet, and the dog’s owner demanding us to release the dogs version of Yunzhi PSP. And I am pleased to see this happening today. This new Yunzhi PSP for dogs is a lot more economy to the dogs owner. Also, it’s the highest quality Yunzhi PSP you can get in the pets market.”

This new Yunzhi PSP for dogs is now available at the

Provital is also officially announcing that they will use the “ProEssence” label to name all their humans supplement. The name “ProEssence” means the Provital’s professional team will only use the best of the best natural ingredient to form their health product. Provital has been using the label “ProEssence” on their marketing material for years. This “ProEssence” label is trademark internationally.

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