Provital is a 100% Australian own company established in 2010. It all began with a scientist and a networking guru within a tiny office, both having strong interest and believe in the health benefit of natural supplements. Knowing that Australia health supplement products has exceptionally high standard due to the strict regulation implemented by the TGA, they were very keen to develop their own brand of Australian-made health supplements that are specifically designed to help people with different health conditions. Believing that all the “good stuffs” are from vegetables, they started from scratch by testing different natural compounds isolated from eatable plants such as garlic and mushroom. Since then, they have proudly developed the Essence of Yunzhi PSP and T3 Formula, two popular health supplement products with health benefits supported by ample traditional and scientific evidence. Driving by their success and by the strong demand on high quality, evidence-based health supplements globally, they constantly invests in developing new products and improves existing formulation with premium quality ingredients.

Today, Provital is one of the leader in Australia on Yunzhi PSP and T3 Formula market. Provital’s products are currently available in Australia, China, and Hong Kong, and is expected to launch another 5 exciting new products including their very first pet product within the next two years.